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Software programming: J2ME, Nokia Series60 SDK,
Oracle, PHP-MySQL, JavaScipt,
e-commerce, e-banking.
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Programming References
Memex creates graphics optimised for websites, logos, banners, corporate identities and other custom graphics for print.


•  Realization and maintenance of integrated software systems (web applications based on client/server and multi tiered component architecture, in banking and e-business domains, management and logistic of economical processes)

•  Use of newest technologies (UML, OOP, Design Patterns, J2EE architecture, distributed and transactional systems, HTML, JavaScript, applet, servlet, JSP, EJB, Corba, RMI, COM/ActiveX, XML, ODBC, JDBC, WAP, Open Office, security and cryptography)

•  Develop with powerful application frameworks (Swing JFC, Struts, Ant, Log4J, MQSeries, Documentum DFC, Documentum WDK, JUnit, LDAP, WebStart)

•  Experience in modern development tools that covers the entire development life cycle - Posseidon, MS Visio, MS Project, WebSphere Studio Application Developer, Eclipse, Visual Age for Java, IntelliJ Idea, MS VisualStudio (Visual Basic, Visual C++), MS Office integration, Centura/SQL Windows, Delphi

•  Successful database design and utilization (Oracle, PL/SQL, MS SQL, DB2, MS Access)

•  Deployment skills on Web servers and Application servers: Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, JBoss and WebSphere AS

•  Operative project management (Extreme programming XP based on iterative and incremental, client oriented, small team tailored development, RUP, V-Model)

Clients and developments 

Our people have developed applications for companies and offices like:

Bayerische Landesbank

•  Document Management System, a J2EE technology based web application for storing and managing documents (IBM Websphere and JBoss runtime environment, Oracle database with stored procedures)

•  E-Banking application using online application forms for loan inquiry, tracking of the financing process, related calculations.

•  Web application handling documents grouped by dynamically defined criteria (J2EE and XML technology, IBM Websphere and JBoss runtime environment, Oracle database with stored procedures)

•  System for registering clients and markets

(Truck factory)

•  Industrial software package designed to help the assembling process of truck car bodies.

•  Werkerinfo

Wacker Chemical factory

•  Storing and managing the competence-profiles of company employees (J2EE technology, BEA WebLogic runtime environment, Oracle and LDAP databases)

•  Document-based web application functioning as a client of the Documentum eContent Server, offering different functionalities, such as document archivation, versioning, attributes, workflow, life cycle (Java/JSP/Servlet, Documentum WDK, DFC, DQL, Documentum Administration Tools, Apache Tomcat)

•  Intranet search, web application interface

3M Austria

• Business Assistant: evidence of business activities, commercial relations with clients. Keeps track of general business activity of a company.

Textilwerke Deggendorf
(Textile industries)

•  System used to weight packed products on a production line, print barcodes and manage production related data, offering statistical evaluations, written in Delphi

Staatliche Feuerwehrschule
(Fire department Regensburg)

•  Internet application designed for control of fire brigades and keeping evidence of their equipments. Technical quality supervision of fire stations, data management software (appliances and buildings, results and histories). Applet-servlet architecture with offline usable modules.

Translog Spedition
(Transport firm)

•  Software for managing transport orders, calculating costs, optimal delivery and route planning (Symantec Visual Cafe for Java, IBM Visual Age for Java, Eclipse, Oracle, PL/SQL developer)

Areas of expertise are (but not limited to):

  •   Designing, developing, and integrating Internet applications
  •   Development of applications based on client/server and multi tier architecture
  •   Database design and maintenance
  •   Analysing Software projects

Development environments, technologies:

Web development:
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Macromedia Flash
  • HTML, JavaScript, JSP
Java (1.1,1.2), J2EE Tehnology:
  •   Eclipse
  •   IBM Websphere Application Developer
  •   IBM Visual Age for Java
  •   Symantec Visual Cafe for Java Database Edition
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Centura Team Developer (Gupta SQL Windows)
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft FoxPro 2.6
  • IBM DB2 (few)
  • IBM Eclipse platform (for Java)
  • Websphere Studio Application Developer
  • VisualAge for Java
  • PLSQL-Developer
  • MS Visio
  • IBM Websphere Application Server
  • jBoss
  • Oracle administration


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