This design has won the Golden Web Awards 2003/2004.
Now it is on sale!


The clean, unique design below has been created by Memex and used for 2 years as the company's homepage. As Memex grew bigger, we had to replace it. Now we have decided to sell it. It is search engine friendly. (We had a PageRank 4 in 3 months after submitting it to Google, without making any SEO other than meta tag optimisation!)
This site is ideal for a small business or as a personal homepage. It has rollover button effects, an easy-to use navigation structure and a search-engine friendly construction. Order it now and we will customise it for you (meta tag optimisation included)!

Unique price: €200 (customisation included)
Template price: €30


award winning former Memex site layout

award winning former Memex site

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